An afternoon with Okasan

After my medical check yesterday (that one in itself is blog worthy if only I was able to take photos of the hospital), I met up with Okasan who was here in the Kanto area for some business. As Hubby has to be in the office till 6, Okasan and I were left to our own devices for 3 hours or so. Even though I only know for now very few Japanese and Okasan as well is learning English, still, we had a great afternoon.

After coffee break with the spectacular view of Minato Mirai splayed before us and after shopping (thank you Okasan!), we headed to Cosmo World to ride the Kanransha (big clock ferris wheel). It takes 15 min for the big wheel to make its complete round hence we were looking forward to some relaxing sightseeing. Along the way however, we stopped by one of the puri kuras or picture booth. Fun! The type we got though is not the sticker type. Hence, i’m using my half of the photo print as bookmark on my Nihongo Breakthrough book. 😀

My 100-yen coin purse gave up on me two days after I bought it, 2 months ago. So yes, not all 100 yen stuff are durable.

I never really got around to replacing it though, busy as I was (before). And anyways, it was still functional. It was just as good though as Okasan’s omiyage from Yamanashi was just right for me. I loved the Yamanashi Inden-ya coin purse Okasan gave. Loved tha lacquer-embossed flower.

It also has two pockets to put folded bills on one and another where I can put my alien card and train pass. Perfect to bring for short errands out of the house. Just what I was looking for.

Now i’m so glad I procrastinated on buying another poin curse. 🙂

Thanks Okasan! And mata ne. 🙂


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