3 idiots

Hubby and I were the early comers in Ric’s farewell party at Ryan’s pad last night. To wait for the others, Ryan made us watch the Indian movie “3 Idiots”. Once we got started, we almost didn’t notice people coming in anymore, hooked as we are with the movie. Halfway through the movie though, we had to stop as we already need to have our dinner.

It turned out that we just stopped right at the right moment. Hubby and I resumed watching it at home this evening. But less than 2 minutes into the movie and my eyes were already brimming with tears.

While watching it, I told hubby, “how I hate this movie”. Hate in such a way that you’d hate a movie that had made you cry in buckets, laugh your heart out loud and made you reflective what with numberous insights one can get from the movie. Ergo, translation for the “hate” is that I LOVE this movie to pieces.

The shoot location is SOOoo beautiful as well! Certainly a candidate for our honeymoon options. wink wink.

The whole day though, the song “Ahll izzz welll!!” was our LSS. Either hubby or me would shout “Ahll izzz welll!!” and then the other would immitate the sound of a whistle. haha. Quite a team, yes.

The movie made me hope though that there’d also be a Filipino movie soon that is as masterfully crafted, if not better. Well, sans the singing and dancing, if possible.

I wanted to embed the trailer here in our blog but the official trailers with the subtitles are not for embedding. Do watch the trailer here though.

Ja, “Pursue excellence, and success will follow you”.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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