Review: Mitzi (Dance Instructor)

I was ready not to incorporate the First Dance tradition, concerned as I was that Atsushi might be very conscious about it, considering that this was literally his first dance, ever. But Hubby knows this is part of tradition hence he was bent on training his body for it – by doing some nightly exercises. 😀 Thank you Hubby! As for me, it’s been almost a decade since I last danced. With that, we really do need a dance instructor to choreograph our dance for us.

Mitzi was recommended by Erika (of Detalye).  And i’d say easily Mitzi is one of the BEST suppliers we had. She’s one bundle of positive energy from the moment we met her up to when we had to say goodbye after our last practice. Totally she was one supplier you can hang around with to help remove your stress. She was the one who went to our hotel rooms for the practices (we had two sessions the week before our wedding). She even brought with her a CD with a couple or so of our songs in it! Girlscout! By the way, her thoughtfulness worked for us because Hubby and I was only relying on youtube for the our first dance song, Grow Old With Me (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version)

Mitzi was really patient with me and Atsushi. She was very forgiving with our missteps yet was quick to point out what needs to be improved. She was also quick with her compliments, especially with how Atsushi was very serious in mastering the steps. On our last practice (the Wednesday before our Saturday wedding), Mitzi told us to try to practice by ourselves in the next couple of days. Hubby and I did try but the hotel room we transferred to was just so crowded what with all the luggages hence difficult for us to practice. We had, however, a good “ballroom” as we practiced our steps (sans the hands) in NAIA I arrivals area as we waited for the arrivals of Atsushi’s family. Hehe! 😀

Our dance wasn’t so bad, I think.

despite the bustle, I still have quite a train on my back. Kudos to Hubby for not tripping over it

Thank you Mitzi!

Supplier: Mitzi

Rating: 5/5

Contact details: +639196278077

Thanks to Abe Umali for the pictures taken during our dance.

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  1. Atsushi
    May 23, 2011 @ 21:25:54

    Yes, actually, I have never experienced such dance, and embarrassed. But thanks to Mitzi, we could do it. By the way, the place of first lesson was ghost hotel, so, I couldn’t enjoy practicing it well. But second place is very big and practiced well. Also, we could enjoy.


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