long walks and food ideas

Came across Mrs. Dexter’s post in Freshly Pressed and came to like her simple albeit quality-time-inducing ideas, especially for married couples who have been living together for sometime already.

I specifically agree on her idea #8, re: taking a walk together. Both Hubbie and I loved our long walks together, in our previous trips, and we both dearly long to have our weekend long walks hopefully in the near future. Indeed, I agree with what Mrs. Dexter said that “we always have good conversations when we go on walks, and I always come home feeling loved and encouraged”. It was what I exactly felt in those long walks. 😀

My imagination and yearning to again experiment on cooking was triggered with this:

I imagine flavored minced meat, with bacon, herbs and bits of boiled egg wrapped in cabbage leaves and then steamed on a flavorful broth. Yum…

For now though, we can only anticipate. And hope.


Thanks for the comment! :)

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