your not-so-usual bridal shoes

I have this thing for pretty, sexy, strappy shoes. But I gotta admit: I’m not gifted with such dainty feet. And I have such sensitive feet – sensitive in the sense that they get unbearably painful if I stand for an hour straight. With these considerations in mind on top of looking for orange-4in-wedge shoes for my bridal shoes, it does seem quite like a tall order.

It has to be orange so that I can wear something that has at least one of our wedding colors. It had to be 4in to add me some height. It had to be a wedge considering the long hours of standing, considering Ville Sommet’s cobbled steps and considering how my feet tire easily.

Hence I was really happy when I saw this one in ATC. It fit the bill perfectly – orange, 4in heels, wedge. Only that it’s too plain and casual for bridal shoes. 

I hope I won’t regret this but I’m having this as my bridal shoes. Hubbie likes it a lot (I think because it’s orange haha). Couturier Richie says it can be bridal shoes albeit it may be on the casual side but then again it’s wedge so go! MOH Kat says yes it’s on the casual side but I can buy it now and if I change my mind, I can always buy a new one that’s more fitting. And I say I might not be able to have the customary photo/video shots of the wedding shoes if I have this.  BUT I need to think about my comfort, else I might just be wincing the whole duration of my wedding. And well, the shoes will really be out of view what with my chapel train-wedding gown.

Conclusion: let’s have this for the wedding.


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  1. melanie
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 01:08:18

    Ate Marj, the shoes was nice.. 🙂 as long as you’re comfortable with it.. last month nag-abay ako, bumili ako ng magandang shoes.. guess what?! nag wiwiggle ang lakad ko.. crap. Kitang-kita sa video.. shocks.. LL for me. 😉
    Lapit na! Hoorah!


    • atsushiandmarjorie
      Feb 13, 2011 @ 01:16:03

      Hello Melai! thanks for dropping by! and thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 hindi kasi sya yung usual formal wedding shoes kaya thanks for the push haha. honga ano, maoobvious talaga yung pagiging uncomfortable mo on the video and photo! thanks for the reminder. 😀 oo lapit na!! kilig. hehe.


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