Congratulations, Hamakawa-san and Akika-san!!

You couldn’t get as close to a fairy tale wedding as having your wedding day on a lovely snowy day (well, except if you’re having the actual ceremony with the snow falling on you haha).

And yes, I do believe that it was such a lovely occasion what with the snow falling outside. As Hubbie describes it, it was such a cold day outside the New Grand Hotel in Yokohama but such a heartwarming moment inside as they witnessed the formal ceremony of Hamakawa-san’s and Akika-san’s wedding.

Congratulations and Best wishes, Hamakawa-san and Akika-san!!

I should have been there. It could have been our first important event to attend to as husband and wife. But alas, my visa is still not in. It was still good though to see my name (with surname in Kanji! hehe) on the seating arrangement.

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