a purpose driven life

Just finished packing the first dhl box that will ship my stuff to Japan. How many boxes it will take, I’ve no idea yet. A European porcelain doll is in it (i wonder how we can display my doll collection in our apartment), DVDs/CDs, books, photo albums, gym clothes (yoga mat would have to be in the next batch), swimsuits, cocktail dresses.

Was about to close the box when I saw that the book The Purpose Driven Life was left on the paperbag where I kept some of my books. I bought this Rick Warren book during my long stint in Singapore some five years ago. I leafed through the pages until I came across my scribble on one of the reflections:
“made a life changing decision today – I accepted the 7 months assignment to Japan.”

That made me smile because that decision to go back to japan,straight from a Singapore assignment certainly was a life changing decision. That 7-month assignment lengthened to a 2.5 years assignment that totalled around 6 extensions. On my last extension, I was only asked about it less than a week before my flight back to Manila. So you see, my daily farewell parties were in full swing already.

But you know what? It was there in that last two months of my extended assignment when our (atsushi’s and mine) dream-turned-reality started to unfold. Totally unexpected, totally serendipitous.

So yes, accepting another Japan assignment was a life changing decision. Had I turned it down, I wouldn’t have known happiness as I have with Atsushi now.

But then again knowing how hubbie and I are soulmates, we would still have had found each other, albeit at a later time. I think and believe, that our fairy tale would still come to pass, even then.


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