Rainy Summer?

I had to show Hubbie the Church we’re getting married in and our reception venue. Hence when we went to Tagaytay-Batangas for our interviews, we had to squeeze in the visits in our schedule.

And i’m glad we did. The place was even more beautiful that day, January 4. There was a clear blue sky and yet it wasn’t hot. It felt like Japan in early May. And in the afternoon as we saw the sunset when we got out of Ville Sommet, it felt like early autumn.

When we went to Caleruega at past 4, there was a wedding so we couldn’t get inside the church. Hence we just roamed around the premises enjoying the scenery. The fine blue sky coupled with the cold weather created an effect that when you look out the horizon, it doesn’t look like a tropical place. It definitely reminded me yet again of breathtaking Tuscany (I wonder when can I get to visit the place again).

We liked it so much we had difficulty leaving the place in that we had to make a stopover by the roadside to take some snapshots.

Anyway, Hubbie and I think the couple who were having their wedding that day was very lucky to have such a beautiful day for their wedding day. Then Hubbie said, “Let’s pray for good weather on our wedding day. Let’s start praying now, everyday”.

And I totally agree with Hubbie. Never underestimate the power of prayer. I really think starting the praying now is a great idea especially with the news below that it’s gonna be a rainy summer this year.


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