NB: title and exact location to be revised later.

Visiting temples and shrines and parks is one activity we usually do when in Japan. I figure the same activity is a staple for Japanese couples since we do find a lot of couples in our visits. Hence, it is just but right to document the “first temple/shrine date” Hubbie and I had. 🙂

The Kumpila was a good 1 hour ride from Takamatsu. Hubbie and I had such a good sleep on our way there that the trainmaster had to wake us up when we got there.haha. And yes, we were the only ones left inside the train. It was a good thing our destination was the final station of that particular train. 🙂

We had lunch before climbing the more than 1000 stairs. And of course, we had Udon! I didn’t like the udon in Kanto region but Kagawa region has got very delicious udon that it would make a fanatic out of somebody who detests udon. If we have “Bisita Iglesia”, there are some people in Japan who goes hopping around, tasting the different famous udon shops. Yes, that’s how good it is.

And yes, there were more than 1000 stairs.

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