K by Cunanan

I admit. I was partial when I went to my foodtasting with K by Cunanan Catering. I checked out their website and I love their arrangement – for sure it’s not baduy; it’s very classy and tasteful just like the way I want it. It was also serendipitous that when I visited Ville Sommet, it was K by Cunanan who was making their set-up for a wedding reception. By the way, that same wedding had Detalye Team, my wedding coordinator, as the coordinator. Totally serendipitous right? And I must say, I was quite satisfied (if not impressed) with the setup and the staff that I chanced upon in Ville Sommet.

What was left to find out then was the food. I’m a foodie of some sort hence, I really am quite picky with the food I eat. Was not impressed with Juan Carlo. Was halfhearted with Hizon’s food and was totally not impressed with their service. Last December, I’ve been to an officemate’s wedding in Fernwoods and they had Josiah’s – everything was good, really good.

But then I preferred K by Cunanan arrangement and I was bent on knowing how their food tastes like. And I must say I wasn’t disappointed during my foodtasting last Oct 28. I wasn’t really expecting anything, but with K’s food, I found the right kind of food that my palate was looking(? or more like craving?) for for our wedding.

First off, Appetizer: Crackling Pork Wrap. I like how the hoisin sauce melded just right with the pork. One thing I didn’t like though: the wansuy/coriander inside the wrap. I like all vietnamese food except when wansuy/coriander is included in it (gah!). I wonder though if our guests would like it since Hubby certainly was ok with it during our Vietnam Trip.

Soup: Tomato, Lentil and Couscous. I have partial aversion to tomato-based food so when I get to appreciate anything that’s tomato-based it has to be really good. And this one is. Well anyway, for me, any dish that has lentil on it is good haha. It’s a bit heavy on the stomach though, because of the couscous but I ain’t complaining! yummy! ^_^

Salad: Three Melon Salad with Arugula in citrus dressing. Three being melon, yellow-colored watermelon and uhm….it was green-colored so perhaps, honeydew? although it certainly wasn’t sweet. Hence my vote would have to be santa claus melon. I should  have asked Macy about it and see if my guess was correct. ^_^

Rice! The carrot rice was oh so delicious!

Main dish: Osso Bucco. My stomach have a problem digesting beef so I can only eat Japanese beef which has very tender meat or thinly-sliced beef. Hence for beef cuts like this one, I usually don’t eat. For the sake of my guests though, I have to taste this. And good thing I did. Yes the cut was a big chunk of red meat but it was so tender you can’t help but eat the whole chunk. The sauce, I-jut-love-the-sauce.

NB: Osso Bucco can be either lamb or beef but K’s choice is beef.

Pasta: Mussel and Cream Pasta. In most restaurants (say, Brooklyn Pizza in ATC), I find myself asking the waiter for parmesan cheese or salt. For this one though, taste was just perfect. Pasta wasn’t dry nor swimming in cream either – it was just perfect. One thing though: if you take out all the mussells, the pasta would look like it was robbed naked. ^_^

Main Dish: Honey Nut Prawn. Macy gave us a choice whether to have the 5-dish or the 4-dish package. With 5-dish, you won’t get to have a seafood dish. It was fine with me since I am already assured of the quality of their food hence I was already leaning on the quantity side. But that bias was forgotten the moment I tasted the Honey Nut Prawn. Macy told me this dish is the best in their line. But I was in no way prepared of the GOODNESS it has. K had me at this.

The grapes were very sweet by the way.

So full, so full! But wait, there’s still dessert! Tropical Fruit Compote, Picatostes with chocolate dip and Crepe Samurai (mango). The Crepe Samurai was my favorite – the grilled flavor contrasted with the mango giving a rich flavor that’s really nice to the palate.

Aahh..Just looking at the menu makes me more excited for our wedding. Or even with the detailing! For now, we’re just pencil-booked though. We will make our booking come Bridal Fair on January.

Thanks to Rezza for taking the time to accompany me and for having had the foresight to bring her camera with her.

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  1. Rose
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 10:27:33

    hi marjorie, glad to hear you had a good food tasting with k. by cunanan! i’m sure you’ll never go wrong with them and with erika 🙂 good luck with the wedding preps!


  2. atsushiandmarjorie
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 19:52:12

    oh yey, my memory didn’t fail me! haha thanks Rose! 😀 i got hungry as well while drafting it.


  3. Dea
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 22:31:25

    Hi Marjorie! Got your link from W@W. We already booked K during the last bridal fair but we haven’t had our food-tasting yet. Natakam naman ako sa pics mo, can’t wait to try their food out! I’m sure the food at our weddings will be great, just great.

    We have the same church din. 🙂 Enjoy your preparations! Konti na lang 2011 na!


    • atsushiandmarjorie
      Nov 06, 2010 @ 23:30:15

      Hi Dea! thanks! 🙂 If only I can have foodtasting nga ulit (before detailing and this time with Hubbie) I would haha. Yes, I agree, food (and styling! yey! hehe) on our weddings will be great. Btw, when’s your date?

      Honga, konti na lang 2011 na. yey! although I still have lots to do. yikes! 🙂
      Enjoy your preparations as well! =)


  4. Dea
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 01:42:07

    Our is October 16 pa. 🙂 We’ll probably have our food-tasting early next year.


  5. lily
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 15:48:34

    wow so yummy. best choice. K by Cunanan! =)


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