dresses and docs!

It has been quite a productive day for both me and Hubby.

I had a great morning with Richie nailing down the specifics of my gown. I so wonder how Richie will turn her magic wand on my gown. Can’t wait for the first fitting!! And as always, Richie was great to talk with. Met her charming and pretty daughter Olivia as well. =)

Kat, Cindy and I also met with Rey’s mom and aunts who will be doing the entourage’s (women) dresses to nail down as well their gown designs. I am so kilig as well thinking how their dresses would be like and how beautiful they would be!

As for Hubby, he was able to have a headstart with our marriage documents.

And oh, I got my ento invites now as well! Better start punching holes and attaching the pony garters. I’m excited to distribute them tomorrow! I just hope though I know how to make a beautiful knot. haha! goodluck to me!

Thanks for the comment! :)

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