Couture and Reception Venue

Yey! Two other major suppliers booked yesterday and today. By booked meaning not just pencil-booked anymore but that we were able to make the necessary downpayments already.

Happy with Ville Sommet, for our reception. This place was Hubby’s first choice (because of the very nice scenery, he says) and my second choice. My first choice was Splendido for three reasons: it’s cheaper, less hassle because the caterer is in-house (I don’t have to go about food tasting with accredited suppliers) and I heard that food is good. However, Splendido is already booked for our wedding date. Thankfully though Ville Sommet is still open for our wedding date, so, hurray! I laughed out loud as Kat commented “Para kang reyna dito Marj on your day”. The weather on the day we made our ocular visit was quite gloomy. Yet still we were charmed with the place! The pictures we took didn’t quite give the place justice though.

pathway to Glasshouse, passing by the Trellis

And this afternoon, I visited Patricia (Richie) Ortega-Torres’  workshop where I was entertained by her very accommodating assistant, even giving me swatches so that I’ll have some idea of the fabric that Richie will use on my gown. Got my measurements as well. Diet na to!!! =D

Thanks for the comment! :)

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