Hizon’s Catering

I admit, I was already leaning on booking for another caterer. But as I haven’t contacted that certain caterer yet and hence still not sure as to their availability, I just can’t pass up the chance to join Hizon’s grand foodtasting at The Oasis.

In all fairness, I must hand it to them that they still accommodated me even when I only confirmed my attendance for the event a day before. Thing is though, when we showed up for the event and I looked for my AE, the certain AE wasn’t at the register table and nobody knew if she has arrived or not. Some even doesn’t know if my AE was their co-employee. The AEs (I assume they were AEs) in the table were convincing one another to take me up instead and finally they “bullied” (it felt like that to me) somebody to take me on because they couldn’t find my AE’s folder on the table. Good thing though somebody found my AE’s folder burried by the other folders, only to find that my name wasn’t on it. This was fine by me since I did just confirm the day before and I have my AE’s email and text confirmation that I am registered to join the event.

First impressions really matter with me and the “register table” incident certainly put their group down several notches on my standards chart (if not at the bottom). Yet, I let it pass.

Now the food. It was okay. Although I really wasn’t exclaiming delightfully how good it was (which I would have wanted for our wedding caterer), still it was good enough. There was only one dish that stood out though, which was their Roast Beef with Mushroom gravy sauce. It tasted like lechon. Delicious. But if only one dish was worth mentioning among several dishes, that would be a problem isn’t it?

They made it up with their dessert though. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was just lovely. Especially the mango panna cotta.

After the event was done though, I know deep within that I still haven’t found our caterer that satisfied my palate.

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