Choosing the best wedding church location was quite a challenge for us. Atsushi’s family will come from Japan and mine from Davao hence we want a venue that would be most convenient for our guests. Fernbrooks was originally considered but my choice reception room was already booked and our company will be having our Christmas party there so somehow, the place has lost its magic for me. I was already considering some churches in Makati and Quezon City and Manila. But if truth be told, for safety reasons, I hesitate to have our wedding in the thick of Metro Manila.

When Maha and I met during my Japan visit last September, I told her about my dream wedding locations – beach wedding in an Island in Bohol and a solemn one in Caleruega – both of which I considered impossible because of the travel. But then Maha pointed out that Caleruega is actually the practical choice since guests can just directly drive from the airport to Tagaytay. Plus, it’s safer as compared to Manila area. The idea then got stuck on my imagination. Hence, when Hubby agreed, I was really happy!

Last Saturday, Kat, Rey and I then went to Tagaytay to do our ocular visits of the place as well as other possible reception venues and guests’ accommodations. The day started out as a rainy one hence the mist and fog were so thick we had difficulty seeing the car ahead of us. It was quite a dangerous drive and so I am really grateful to Rey and Kat for still pushing through with our trip.

When we got to Caleruega, it was like being in heaven after that foggy and dangerous trip haha.

Suffice it to say, I fell in love with the place.

(the back of the church)

(church grounds)

(the church front)

(the church altar)

(wifey by the church door)

Contact details:

Caleruega Philippines,, +63921.270.9890 ; +63921.830.4226;  (+6343)706.0348

Thanks for the comment! :)

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