Dino Lara and Jason Magbanua

Took a day off yesterday so as to meet Dino Lara in person and to visit Jason Magbanua’s office.

Dino was real nice. And sincere. He got me emotional and teary-eyed as he relayed to me his suggestion on my dilemma of a possible evening wedding in Caleruega. I wanted for me and Atsushi to have shots with the Caleruega landscape with the sunset. However, since our slot in Caleruega is at 6pm, that would mean me and hubby will have to meet before the ceremony. Dino said that usually, he would encourage for the couple not to meet before the wedding; he says there’s this unforgettable moment when the church door opens and the groom sees the bride for the first time. That got me teary-eyed, the way he said it. So then that would mean I will not have my sunset. But he suggested that we can still capture that “unforgettable moment” during our photo-shoot by adding some drama. He described how it would be done and again, he got me teary-eyed because with the way he said it, I can picture the moment and well, I get emotional. haha! I paid half of the downpayment then and tomorrow the other half.

By the way, here is an amazing interview with Dino Lara! http://www.interviewsbycrashtaylor.com/2009/02/02/crash-taylor-interviews-dino-lara/

As for Jason, too bad Jason was in Iloilo at the time of my visit hence I wasn’t able to meet him. I hope though we’ll have a chance to meet before the wedding day. At his office, I watched samples of his cinematic highlights (approx. 20 min video of the entire event which comes as a package together with the onside video) and the more I watched, the more excited I got as I imagined how it would be on our wedding. =D

Anyways today, I deposited my downpayment to Jason Magbanua. So there. Yey!! Got our choice videographer and photographer!

Dino Lara Photography – dinolaraphotography@gmail.com; +632.8834408 (landline), +63920.9125069 (mobile)

Jason Magbanua Wedding Videographer – jmdvinfo@gmail.com; +632.8171989 (landline), +63928.4704145 (mobile)

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