Foodtasting: Juan Carlo Catering

Had my first foodtasting with one of Fernbrooks accredited caterers – Juan Carlo. Well, of course it was held in Fernbrooks. I was so thankful that Jane and Jonathan accompanied me. Otherwise, I would have looked pathetic foodtasting alone – other couples brought their friends and family with them. Funny thing though is that, since Jane and Jonathan were a couple, naturally the caterer contact and Fernbrooks agent talked to them first and not to me. I had to assert myself and say that I was the one getting married and that my groom is out of the country.

Now the food. Soup was the first one of course. It tasted like an instant soup. They presented two sets for us to taste and I think half of the food I should forget about and in fairness, half of it I liked ie:

– Pork with prunes and walnut

– Salmon with Tequilla (a teeeny weeny pinch of salt would make it heavenly)

– Chicken with Peri-Peri sauce

– Blue marlin in Lemon and butter

– Assorted pastries, one shaped in swan

Altogether, it was a great experience.

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