birth cert and CENOMAR

‘Twas quite a productive day. I was able to apply for student permit at LTO via A1. For this task, I felt like a lemming. A1 told me yesterday to show up at 12:30pm. I just thought that we were gonna have some lecture. So, I was surprised when after the lecture, we were on our way to LTO for the picture taking and student’s permit application. So to LTO Las Pinas we were.

It was just quite good really because I can then head directly to Las Pinas City Hall to inquire about the marriage certificate license. I got the application forms, yes. But I got perplexed by the info Agot (the officer who took care of me) that my H2B (husband to be) and I should be together when we submit our papers for application. Reason is that we are gonna be interviewed first and that we will be attending 1 day seminars. We will then wait for 10 days for the release of our marriage certificate afterwhich, we can then have our civil wedding ceremony. This means either H2B fly here from Japan twice and be on leave from work at least 5 days or stay here for 2 full weeks. These options or I will fly to Japan and we’ll have our ceremony there. sigh. What to do?

Anyways, I was able to pay already for my Birth certificate and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage). Was also able to make inquiry with Fernbrooks.

Let’s just count the blessings.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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